98% First-Time Pass Rate With Core Strength-Building

Press Release: Purple Books Revised, Updated, 7th Ed., Textbook, NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs


Available from Purple Books, CRRbooks.com, November 2017: new 7th edition textbook with the only updated NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, and State WKT, written knowledge test, information for students and court reporters.

350 pages, CRRbooks.com by Monette Benoit: Complete Written Knowledge Test Textbook, Seventh Edition, Revised and Updated for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs with the NCRA CRC Primer

 Tests change. Exam questions and multiple choices are not repeated. Exam fees are pricey.

Updated, expanded text chapters: Test-Taking Tips, Focus; Legal, Latin Terminology; Court Reporting Rules; English, Grammar, Vocabulary, Misused Words, Definitions; Medical Information; Computer Terminology, Technology, CRC Prep, Ethics, Windows, NCRA COPE Advisory Opinions; Review

98% successful ‘Done In One’ pass rate continues on NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSR WKT material when Purple Books study sets are a primary source. Plus, you join thousands of students and court reporters who earned their RPR, CSR, and the elite RDR certification with Purple Books test-prep.

Study the only textbook and textbook package for the RPR, CSRs, and NCRA’s RDR written exam.
With thorough prep, you will pass the first time by learning how to answer, how to take the test.

Purple Books are written by a court reporter, B. B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, paralegal, with an educator who earned a B.S. in English and a M. Ed.

Since 1990, time-tested, proven in the classroom with educators and with independent study —
students and court reporters continue to write “best investment — ever.”

  • Plus, 7th edition textbook includes the CRC, Certified Realtime Captioner, Primer because many reporters now provide CART captioning, and certifications are now requested by companies, consumers for their files.

RPR, RDR, and state CSR candidates focus on the popular “Complete Test Prep Set” that includes: the Textbook, Workbook (*2,002 practice questions), Companion Guide (cross-references every word in the workbook’s 2,002 multiple-choice questions), and RealTime Vocabulary Workbook.

Complete Set includes 4 test-prep books: http://crrbooks.com/product/written-exams

Pedagogically sound, each book reviews and covers material with facts, tips, and information.

    <strong>Purple Books maximize your time, your expenses, and your results</strong>!

Students and professionals also seek tutoring and career counseling with Monette Benoit, the Court Reporting Whisperer. No two people are alike. Customized sessions are created. Start today.
Plan and prepare now. Monette is committed to helping you. Email: Monette@CRRbooks.com

    ‘Done In One’ Testimonials, Pricing online        www.CRRbooks.com  

22 Nov 2017

‘Push-Ups’ = NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR Core Strength-Building

‘Push-Ups Focus’ on the “Complete Set” and “Trio Set” for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs. Why Push-Ups?

Push-ups work the entire body and support core strength.

The “Purple Books” strengthen and build core support with detailed structure that has been proven in the classroom and independent study for 25 years.

98% first-time pass rates for NCRA RPR, RDR, and State CSR exams with test-prep material that covers full pages of information. ~~Full Pages = Full Focus. ~~

Working to the same goal, students, novice and veteran reporters benefit from building full, core support with the “Purple Books” from www.CRRbooks.com

Only Test Once! ~~BE DONE IN ONE for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs.

Look at what we offer: www.CRRbooks.com – “Purple Books” detailed material, cross-referencing, terms, topics.

Structured prep material that improves skills. Test-Taking Tips; Legal, Latin, and Court Terminology; Court Reporting Rules; English and Grammar; Frequently Misspelled Words; Grammar Glossary; Frequently Misused Words, Definitions; Medical Prefixes, Suffixes, Fractures, Definitions; Computer Terminology, Technology, NCRA COPE Advisory Opinions; More.

My ‘push-up’ is to continue to help YOU! Online testimonials are included by leaders, teachers, reporters, students …Bring it. ~

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01 Jun 2016