Weeding, Inner Landscapes, Nuclear Implants, Part II of III

Weeding, Inner Landscapes, Nuclear Implants, Part II of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Part I: The sun is shining; it is almost 80 degrees in Texas as I write this column in March.

Winter was mild here and after months and months with severe drought and watering restrictions, we have rain. We have much rain.

Warm winter temperatures and so much rain have brought the gift of bluebonnets, roses that bloomed all winter – as well as weeds and fire ants.

We have so many weeds that we are now being “warned” (actual word) by “experts” via newspapers and news that the weeds and bugs “to come will be extreme” (actual words).

The lack of low temperatures also has gifted us with “extreme” pollens, and we are being warned about allergens that “will explode” as temperatures rise.

The subject of weeds has overtaken, my opinion, the majority of topics when people now greet each other.

Running an errand recently, a man approached and said, “It sure is warm out there. The fleas are going to be abundant this year. You better take care.”

I was not sure if he was joking. Nope, he was sincere.

I stood poker-faced and listened before he shared “the bad news about weeds” and what is predicted.

I looked around the store, paused, and softly said, “You sure are full of good news today, yes?” …

Part II: Many court reporters and court reporting students share they are overwhelmed.

As I help each person, I hear conversations where individuals want to “cram” (my word) years of schooling and work into an extremely short period of time with “extreme changes” (their words).

Perhaps “inner landscaping” needs to be defined.

Where does one begin?

As this varies with each person’s goals and commitments I advise starting with a position we clearly define to advance forward into a steady adventure.

Steady strength building (my term), in my opinion, prevents burn out with goals that may be(come) challenging.

Again, this will change with each person.

Inner landscaping involves weeding out what is not working and planting seeds for growth that will now organize your skills and your desired skills.

Inner landscaping includes celebrating your strengths.

When you know that a change is needed (or is going to be needed) this is a strength.

Many of us know the experience of looking over our shoulder and seeing (knowing) when the change or adjustment “should” have been made.

One person’s weed may be another person’s flower, yes?

I know people who ruthlessly uproot all sunflowers to prevent sunflower seeds from spreading.

I also know people who love the tall flower and purchase specific seeds to grow larger sunflowers in their yards.

Your landscaping will be different than others around your world (work and school).

Permit the process, the weeding, to methodically integrate into your world, into your schedule.

I often share with people I coach and tutor that in order to successfully run a marathon we achieve best results when we put our sneakers on. (You know who you are if you just nodded.)

On my lawn-weeding yellow brick road I have purchased multiple products to assist me.

After applying products, when weeds, fire ants and bugs are not eliminated I shake my head. These products must work for somebody, I think? So why not me?

Do you see the correlation?

Reviewing my weeding and landscaping goal (and fire ant elimination) is an intention wherein I “want” to see an improvement or achieve the desired result, yes?

The lettering on each label, typically in all caps, states that weeds or bugs will be eliminated with “one simple dose” – and this raises my expectation as I purchase them, then apply ingredients. I now have an entire shelf dedicated to products that did not bear fruit on the “quickly” or “one simple” dose.

Then I ask another person for a recommendation; I ask what worked for them.

The comparisons to weeding and landscaping does relate to our work.

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