Thumb Wrestling and Smoken; Ask The Coach, Part III of III

Thumb Wrestling and Smoken; Ask The Coach, Part III of III
By Monette Benoit
All Rights Reserved.

Part I began: Did you know there is a Thumb Wrestling Federation, TWF, and the United Kingdom has World Thumb Wrestling Championships? This is serious business for a sport originally called “thumb-a-war.”

How does this relate to court reporters, CART – Communication Access Realtime Translation – providers, broadcast captioners, and students? …

Years ago, I wrote “CART FAQ, Falling On Deaf Ears” a series of articles posted on my blog, Monette’s Musings, and online by NCRA.

I have CARTed college-level Latin for an oral deaf honors student. I did not know Latin. I stroked sounds, which tranned, translated, as Latin.

I spent many years CARTing church services to a large screen for a Catholic mass devoted to people who are Deaf. A sign interpreter was always present, and we worked side by side.

Additionally, I have CARTed funeral services, baptisms, retirement parties, large conventions, technical meetings, medical events, Quinceanera celebrations, the McGruff Dog, puppets, a mime (yes, a deaf mime), plays, musicals, clairvoyants, Girl Scout groups, Knights of Columbus, and multiple intimate settings.

Part II began: My thumb wrestling referral above was for the moments when I work with students and professionals who tell me
“I was not able to find my thumbs today.”

Yes, we have a few days like that. If you are outside our profession and are reading this, I want you to know that those
moments are rare. Truly.

While tutoring and coaching students and veteran reporters who are seeking to meet new goals and to create a higher skill set I listen to people share their private moments when fingers just do not go where they “should go.” In short, it happens.

My initial thumb wrestling comment was shared within a tutor/coach setting with an experienced judicial reporter preparing for
advanced NCRA certification. It was said in jest; we both laughed.

Soon, someone called my office for “certifying test prep material.”

Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs,, has a 95 % success pass for candidates testing the first time with our test prep material.

Quickly, I learned that this request for “test prep” had nothing to do with court reporting or with any legal field.

When I stated that I was not able to help him, he began to tell me about his work, his stresses, his frustrations, his needs.

Not wanting to be rude, and needing to create a boundary after I stated multiple times, “I do not have access to the material

you are seeking,” I was brought to his reality when he exhaled, “I just feel like I’m all thumbs. I need to smoke that test. I mean, when I start something I approach it with smoken attitude.”

I sat in my chair staring at the ceiling, hands folded in my lap, waiting for the moment to politely end the call as he picked up speed and energy.

When he referred to “thumbs” and “smoken,” I shared about thumb wresting.

The man said, “I love that! And while I have you, I have always wanted to know how that funny, little back machine works. Did you know it has no letters on the black keys?”

I did not sigh, groan, or exhale.

“Really? I’ll have to research that,” I said softly.

He did not sigh, groan, or exhale.

“You know this. You just want to get off the phone, right?” he said.

“That’s accurate,” I replied.

Then we had us a long silence.

He broke our silence: “Well, since I’m all thumbs, and you do not have anything to help me, I’m going to look into the thumb

wrestling, so when I’m prepared for my test, I’ll smoke my test. And I’ll probably phone you again for tutoring and coaching.

You’ve already helped me, and God knows that I will need more help! I need a life coach now.”

Thumb wrestling, our steno machine, our exacting work, clients and consumers, test prep material, people outside our

profession, all thumbs, advancing credentials, setting new goals, advancing skills, private tutoring, life coaching, and smoken.

In short, there we have it. The end.

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