Real-Tme Rules, Adrenaline, Adventure And Survival, Part II

Real-Time Rules, Adrenaline, Adventure And Survival, Part II

By Monette Benoit
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Part II: This morning a sign interpreter phoned my All American RealTime/Captioning Services, Inc., office.

She gifted me with my life-lesson today. She worked “way too hard” (her exact words) for Level IV RID certification. When the results arrived, she said, “I didn’t know my Roman numerals, so I thought I had Level IV. Well, I did so well on the test I ‘had’ earned the Level V and did not want that! I didn’t want all the responsibilities that come with a Level V!”

I howled with laughter. This is the lady I watched as a sign interpreting intern. While I provided CART to large screens during multiple events, she was on the sidelines working to improve her ASL skills. Then she flunked her Level I exams (plural).

She continued to excel with her quest privately telling me exactly who in her life had told her she could not do this. I knew ‘that’ was a huge motivator. She was a delight to watch.

Later I provided CART and captioning during international, national, local and religious events where she signed as a qualified ASL interpreter.

We were a good team. I helped her with terms and my prep work; she fed me.

In 1993 when I opened a CART office within a sign interpreter business (and Feng Shuid my office – just to see if it worked) she would lean on the doorway saying, “It just feels so good in here.” And she’d smile over to me.

And today when this sign interpreter phoned she shared, “I fell to my knees – really – when I learned I had earned Level V. Now I have to act like a Level V.”

I asked, “Is that hard?”

She replied, “Not as hard as I thought. No way! I can do this! And I do it every day now! But it was not what I wanted given my choice! And I’m paid more, too, and I work in a better place now. But it was not my original goal – I mean it. Stop laughing so hard, Monette. It was hard work, but when I did it, everything came together, but it was not my plan. No, sirree.”

Do we avoid similar ‘levels’ in our life? I know court reporters who absolutely will not earn a certification unless paid more or forced to take a (that) test.

Others absolutely will go and get that certification to “make my life easier, for the love of Pete!” Yes, realtime rules.

What incentives do we have to stick our head out of the foxhole each morning? This is a question I have asked myself.

And just when I thought I was comfy and had ‘worked hard enough’ someone or something pushes (okay, shoves) me forward.

I softly tease many that my life has leaders, individuals and strangers who have led me by the ear or by the elbow, but they insisted – truly – that I move forward.

One person still shares with me “When much is given, Monette, much is expected. And you are expected to return.” Sometimes I sigh; sometimes I smile; sometimes I greet his mentoring mantra with prolonged silence.

Part III will continue “Realtime Rules, Adrenaline, Adventure And Survival

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