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Since 1990 thousands of students and court reporters “Purple-Up” and continue to pass NCRA’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs, and NY’s Civil Service exams the first time with Purple Books sets. Test prep with actual guided instruction and testing strategies!

Monette Benoit, author of Purple Books, assists court reporting students and reporters to earn new certifications and to advance careers.

Named the ‘Court Reporting Whisperer’ by students, she may be reached: Monette.purple books@CRRbooks.com

Coaching and tutoring topics include: Motivational and time-management skills; Process learning for more effective retention; Communication skills, daily interaction improvement skills; and much more.

Purple Books updated textbook, workbook, companion guide, and realtime vocabulary workbook are used by schools and testing candidates. Material covers all elements tested by NCRA’s RPR, RDR; State CSRs, NY’s Civil Service exams.

Monette Benoit, B. B.A.,
Certified Court Reporter, Certified Reporting Instructor, Certified Program Evaluator, Paralegal, Columnist
Multiple-Title Author of Books & Test-Prep for the Court Reporting, CART Captioning Industry

All American RealTime/Captioning Services, Inc.: www.ARTCS.com

Purple Books – Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs: www.CRRbooks.com

Blog:  Monette’s Musings, www.monettebenoit.com

Many articles posted here on Monette’s Musings have been published in Monette’s NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, “Beyond The Comfort Zone” column in the JCR, Journal of Court Reporting. Monette has written approximately 200 articles in her column – since 1995 to 2020.

Court reporting veteran, CART captioner, author, instructor, publisher, public speaker – self-certified spinner of plates, Monette Benoit can help you achieve your goals.

Customized information; test-prep for the court reporting, CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) captioning industry; tutoring, coaching; articles; academic books; and realtime CATapult dictionary building lexica.

Monette may be reached: monette.purplebooks@crrbooks.com and Monette@CRRbooks.com

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  1. Melissa Spencer

    I just wanted to let you know your articles have really helped me to get over my fears and go to school. I’m currently working for a judge that suggested I become a court reporter. I was having trouble figuring out what was my passion. I love typing and being in court hearing the different cases. So, I am looking into going to school at CCR.EDU online program. I have talk to a freelance and official reporter and they gave me good advice. I am so scared of failing but I want to do this so badly. I have never been a great student and I suck at punctuation but I know I will be more focused now that I am older and I need to do this for me and my daughter. Since I have been reading your articles it has motivated me even more to start and finally accomplish a goal in my life, and I know I will love going to a dream job. Thank you for all the words of encouragement and stories from others. I am going to be one of these people one day telling my stories.

  2. Tracy Tapscott

    I have been a court reporter for 17 years and have taken five years off. I would like to become a CART writer, and I need to work on my speed…to pass the RPR and CART test. I would like your input on what would be most beneficial for me at this time.

  3. Tracy Tapscott

    Hi Monette!
    I am a veteran court reporter and would like to know if you could help me become a CART writer for the deaf and hearing impaired college students. Could you email info. and pricing, as well.

    Thank you,
    Tracy Tapscott

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