Fears, Toughest Part Is Words, Spot On, and Our Normal, Part I of III

Fears, Toughest Part Is Words, Spot On, and Our Normal, Part I of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Part I of III:

One student, in the 225 wpm (words per minute) exit room in a court reporting program, “is scared to death of passing the state certification test and national certification. Then people will see that I can’t write accurately! I changed almost everything in my theory to brief forms, one strokes, to pass my tests. I was told to do this to advance in my speed classes. Everyone is doing this!

“I read through all my errors on each test! I passed each speed by being lucky, remembering what was said in the 5-minute test, and by hearing a test that I had heard before …. And I learned a good realtime theory! Now I am scared that an employer will see all the mistakes that I am making. I cannot realtime! Not at all as I read through the errors. My dictionary is so messed up with the entries I added and changed. This was just to pass tests! I had to do this to be able to stay in the school and not have my student loans called in. Now what do I do? Who will hire someone who cannot realtime? Help me.”

Another student in the 180 wpm class “recently enrolled in the 100 wpm class to learn how to really write and how to pass tests. I had to go to the owner of the school to do this. The school was not happy. Other students became upset, too, as they are having big problems, too. And my family is not happy! Yet I know what I have to do to be able to read my notes. My theory is a compilation of theories in a notebook given to me by the school, and I have no dictionary!” the student shared. “Where do I start to finish?”

A nationally certified court reporter now providing CART, Communication Access Realtime Translation, “may soon be replaced by a summary service, like Typewell, not a verbatim record. What do I do now? I worked evenings and weekends to assist everyone for years and years. What do I do now?”

Another certified court reporter requested tutoring as she is teaching herself a new theory, teaching herself how to CART, and how to caption while reporting during the day and while teaching in the evening. “I have to do this or I will be replaced …”

One court reporter, now in court, was recently called into the manager’s office while reporting a jury trial and told “you must become certified asap or you will lose your job.” The reporter then asked me, “I’ll have to join NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, to get my certs now, right? Can you help me asap?”

I listen to each with respect. Each person has unique challenges.

Each person has, in my professional opinion, unique opportunities to excel in the direction which will serve their immediate goals and their long-term goals.

Each person serves our profession – as working professionals, as instructors guiding our wonderful profession, and as students seeking to graduate.

Many students privately share with me, “I need to earn the big bucks to pay off my massive student loans. Some students owe over $ 30,000. I know people who owe well over $ 40,000 and stay in school just so their loans won’t be called in. Then we pay thousands more per semester, and we are not passing tests!”

One of my favorite sentences was voiced by a professional sharing “professional” frustrations, after receiving NCRA results. The judicial court reporter said, “The toughest part is the words. It’s that simple, Monette.”

This is the same court reporter who while working to pass the national RPR, Register Professional Reporter, then the CCP, Certified CART Provider, and then CRR, Certified Realtime Reporter, asked me each time as we worked together, “What should I work on? Should I just read Webster’s dictionary?”

The reporter wrote recently, “Thanks for my Buck-Up Speech each time. I needed that. I know I passed each test. Yet it really wasn’t as bad as I tried to make it out each time after working with you. Now what should I work toward? What is next on my list, Monette?”

I know this court reporter likes a busy plate. Do you?

One student wrote, “I am writing cleaner. I feel a pass coming soon. I shouldn’t be focusing on what other everyone else is doing, right? When someone passes a test in my class sometimes I get mad at them. They are not working as hard as I am – I think. Then I am upset with myself for thinking that. Like you say, it’s all about me, right? Focus on me.” That week this student passed her two certifying exit speed tests.

Working with another student, the student said, “Wow, Monette, you sure took the saddle off that elephant, and I now have to choose a better path, right?”

Part I of III is posted November 14, 2013, www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com

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