Monette’s Mindful Management: Choose Carefully: Choose Your Question Well, Part II of III

Monette’s Mindful Management

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Part I, posted September 15th, shared “Choose Carefully: Choosing Your Answer Well, Part I of III”

This post contains “Choose Carefully: Choose Your Question Well, Part II of III”

The next morning I attended the invitation-only breakfast (with bankers). I arrived at 6:30, the mixer still a fresh memory. I was quickly informed, “This is a problem.”

The gentleman who invited me said, “Everyone is seated. You missed initial introductions.”

I gritted my teeth and said, “I missed the turn in the darkness and had to circle the entire city to find the dang entry.” He howled with laughter

He reminded me to keep my goal. I asked where the power table was; where were the bankers? He pointed to a table with multiple empty chairs. My friend smiled proudly as I headed off a little more confidant.

I walked to their table; I politely asked if a chair was available. I did not wear a hat or nametag.

They looked at me like I had three heads and said, “No.”

I focused on not speaking multiple words and calmly walked back to my friend near the doorway.

He was already in full gut-busting laughter. “You really do want this. Good for you! You’re going to have to sit over there (indicating). I have a chair reserved for you. You will do just fine there. Go.”

I looked deep into his eyes, avoided sighing (or mumbling).

He continued to laugh out loud, and rubbed one of my shoulders while I reassessed my moment. Watching my new friend intently, I headed off to my table.

Later he told me, “No one had ever asked to join the head table. One is asked.” Now he tells me.

After I sat, my friend approached and shared that I was his guest. I remained silent, then watched as he strolled away.

When he glanced back with a huge smile I did not blink, nor smile. We had an entire conversation with that one look.

During breakfast I was asked if I would like to attend a luncheon.

I had a full-time teaching job (two shifts) at the community college; that morning I had agreed to pay cash to a teacher to take my classes, so I could attend this breakfast. Truly

In response to the invite, I hoped I didn’t sound overwhelmed and replied, “Of course. When might that be?”

Details were shared: approximately one thousand people attend scheduled lunches; specific individuals, members, introduce themselves, speaking about their service and company

I just knew this was another opportunity – a new mindful moment. Chin up, I replied, “Yes, I will attend – if I can speak.”

They discussed this, and when they replied that they would make an exception for my first luncheon and help me, I sat tall.

I paused and said slowly, “I have one condition.” The leaders at this table did not laugh.

They sincerely inquired, “And what is that?”

I knew the answers last night, the questions this morning, and this possible condition was another opportunity that could change everything.

Chin up, I softly said, “I want to speak second.”

No one asked me why. They shared details. Then I was informed, “Yes, you may be second.”

My reason? I knew with this ‘new moment’ and standing in front of approximately one thousand people waiting to speak, listening for others to begin and finish, I just might find that exit door.

Leaving the invite-only breakfast launched the one unfortunate (and awkward) moment thus far with my ‘needing’ to seek new goals. I heard my name …

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