Yes, Real-Time Rules, Part I

Yes, Real-Time Rules, Part I

By Monette Benoit
Copyright by Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Each day, as a court reporter, CART provider, instructor, consultant, tutor and coach, I serve people within this great court reporting profession. A typical morning begins as I return phone calls and balance times zones from east to west. Official reporters, students, broadcast captioners, as well as those who want to be a CART provider, request coaching and tutoring. Each one is very specific about what each is seeking.

I have permission from each professional and student to share what I consistently hear when new conversations begin.

“When will I know I’m ready to [fill in blank]?”

“What should I focus on first?”

“I want to realtime someday, but I know I’m not ready now.”

“What if my job is eliminated; they go to voice, tape or electronic recording?”

“How do I keep my job where I’ve worked days, nights, and weekends?”

“How do I pass a speed test when no one in my class is passing tests?”

People get right down to it these days. In my opinion, verbal-steno is a positive trait. When I reply, I will share either, “This is my opinion” or “This is a fact.”

Had I ever listened to “words” individuals shared when I enrolled in a NCRA-approved court reporting program or if I had listened to what others said when I entered the profession or if I had taken to heart what peers have shared, I would be on a (very) different path.

One professional sent an (unsolicited) opinion, which had a powerful impact on my world until I isolated and identified the motivation. I framed that letter when I shifted my awareness to always remember my lesson. Words are powerful, whether they are spoken or written.

My opinion is that passion is essential when sticking to our dreams or our goals. Yes, easier said than done, I know, will be read by a few. Yet I know when passion for a goal is huge, one can deliberately shift fears; this is my opinion.

Thus far, every person has laughed and agreed when I say, “Realtime Rules.” Realtime, with instant accurate translations rates, is what distinguishes us from other professions.

All agree, “Not realtiming? Good luck with that.”

In days of old, court reporters worked in courtrooms, parliament or other officially recorded proceedings, or freelance settings. The career options were pretty simple (my opinion) and respected by those requesting our skills.

Now with changing technology we may arrive, – onsite or remote – at a particular event or job, which had a result different from what was requested. Some of us have experience and hear the words, “Just send us your rates. …”

Yet when individuals need, instant and accurate translation, they contact court reporters. And our profession is experiencing a shortage of professionals with these talents; this is a fact.

Pioneers and leaders paved roadways for people, companies and institutions to expect great results from our work. We are providing and proudly sharing that realtime with a trained reporter will not be summarized or include edited transcripts. When there are realtime requests, court reporters quickly step up to the plate and provide verbatim products.

We know that the college students of yesteryear have changed. Law students, who are now highly competent in text messaging and instant messaging, IMs, excel in sending very fast, brief messages using two thumbs. New lawyers – a new breed (my opinion) – expect instant translation since they are skilled using ‘fast’ technology.

See Part II next week.

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