An Alpha State of Mind, Part III of III

An Alpha State of Mind, Part III of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.
January 28, 2013

Part III of III: When the work ended I was surprised how many people stayed to elaborate on the discussion. Again, what I thought to be a “normal day at the office” became a targeted focus – perhaps not in their alpha state as they packed their items to depart – a focus upon which the individuals stated they have thoroughly studied and is a topic routinely shared within their world. I nodded and listened there, too.

Ever the student here (daughter of two instructors), I continued to think (and think and think) about the discussion.

That night while working I listened to individuals who stated with emphasis and great frustration, “I cannot – cannot – write and listen at the same time! You ‘have’ to stop talking, so we can all write what you are saying!” This comment was also repeated by multiple individuals.

No one was able to see the small smile on my face as I focused upon our well-honed court reporting listening and writing skills. We are not trained to ask people to stop talking so we can write unless it is for clarification or devoted to our work, yes?

My signs typically arrive ‘quickly’ in threes. Perhaps that’s part of my “alpha state of mind.”

Yes, there was a third discussion the next day, which related to our skills. In a very personal setting, someone stated two “serious” short sentences. I giggled.

As others quickly looked to me with their eyebrows at uneven “levels,” I said softly, “Prefix, root word, suffix. Three languages always processing in my brain cell (sic). Those words together were funny – to me.”

The adults laughed, and asked, “That’s a court reporting thing, right?” I slowly nodded, and thought about the alpha state, the ‘not being able to write and listen comments’ from the night before, and this processing of three languages at all times.

I truly believe that our profession has the greatest training for individuals who are testing and for court reporters in our daily work who swiftly produce the transcripts, captioners who instantly caption historical events, and professionals who promptly CART the countless requested assignments.

Due to the alpha memory moments gifted to me, I believe we are alpha experts while working and while listening in our private world – perhaps working and living with beta level individuals around us.

We focus with laser abilities to instantly type the correct stroke, to fingerspell, to produce the exact word, and to produce the exact realtime product, the verbatim transcript, and to complete the test as requested.

“Always alert, always aware, always listening.” I believe they were speaking not only to me that day. They were speaking to my profession and to those of you who are working to advance your skills. They were also speaking to the students now working to enter this great field.

An alpha state of mind is a good place to start 2013, yes?

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