Shelley Arthur: Consummate Professional And Important Friend, Part II of III

“Shelley Arthur: Consummate Professional And Important Friend,” Part II of III

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

I want to highlight and celebrate the life of a dear friend, court reporter, CART provider, and broadcast captioner.

Shelley Darlene Arthur of Vancouver, Canada, was passionate about her work, our profession, and working with deaf, HOH (hard of hearing) and animals.

No one – and I mean no one – could cover your back like Shelley Arthur.

She was a court reporter, mentor, role model, advocate, generous, enthusiastic, spirited, funny, kind, and totally committed to moments involving humans and animals. And she was so loyal to her friends and beliefs, too.

If there was a new item, a discussion, a fact – positive or perhaps not so positive to our world and to the world of animals – Shelley would write, “Did you see this? You need to read this.” “What do you think about …?” “Check this out!”

She shared her knowledge and talents with people all over the world.

Shelley Arthur had been my friend almost 14 years. We worked and played together; my life is better because of Shelley.

In 1988, Shelley Arthur became a court reporter, opening a court reporting firm. I met Shelley around 1996 when she was very involved in the CART community.

Our CART paths continued to cross and a friendship developed.

She expanded her work to include fulfilling requests and streaming text for disability and educational institutions, businesses, judicial environments, religious services, sporting events, and international arbitrations.

In 2000, Shelley Arthur opened Visual Voice Captions.

Part II

I want to share the Shelly Arthur I knew. As our friendship grew, we learned I was speaking at a convention she was attending. We had never met in person; nor had I seen a picture.

Yet I could recognize her voice from webcasting, remote CART and projects Shelley and I worked on for my company, All American RealTime/Captioning Services, Inc.,

A group was arriving to greet me at the airport. Unknown to me, Shelley rented a car, arriving early. She was good to go in jeans, petite sneakers and information she wanted to share now! Together, we met the court reporting group and had a marvelous evening.

Shelley lived with Kayla, her Pyrenees boo bear, sharing her home with Ms. Tiggy, a cat. (Shelley wrote about “Sam, the goat, who lives outdoors, staring inside.”)

She was proud to be an Air Force brat and described long transcontinental flights as a child with her sister visiting parents.

Shelley signed e-mails, “Hugs From Shelley & The Critters,” and shared events as Kayla aged to 14 years.

When Kayla deafened, Shelley communicated via sign language.

When I e-mailed, Shelley in Vancouver, she quickly responded.

Often they were snowed in, and she wrote, “but I need to walk Kayla.”

From Texas I would write, “How do you walk a large white dog when you are snowed in?”

Shelley, “First I dug out of the house. Then we walked the riverbank; Kayla saw a bird, enjoyed playing on the drifts. We’re defrosting now. It’s beautiful!”

I flew Shelley into multiple cities to work during NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, conventions within my Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs,, exhibit booth.

She also helped me when I conducted multiple U.S.A. and Canadian seminars.

I always knew she had my back. Always.

The morning of our first show, Shelley appeared in the exact outfit (matching top, long skirt).

Checking tags on the outfit (yes, same), I saw Shelley’s watch on her right arm – the exact antique silver bracelet watch (with two stones) I was wearing on my left arm.

People questioned if I thought this was odd. I laughed, “Not at all. We’re good.”

Shelley had a great laugh. I have memories of her chatting and laughing with court reporters, teachers, vendors, and court reporting students – bringing someone to meet me – waiting for the moment to step in and say, “Monette, you need to …”

She had such a special gift helping others.

Shelley Arthur knew Reiki healing and after 15-hour days, we would sit quietly, feet up. One evening I gifted her with a hotel full-body massage.

Later Shelley stopped by to thank me. Oh, I had never seen such a smile.

“And the male masseuse was good looking, too,” she beamed.

We would stay post-events two days to wrap-up work and unwind.

As I prepared to fly home, Shelley prepped for two days of travel to return to her Vancouver island home.

She showed me itineraries, which included (my words) big plane, small plane, tiny plane, hotel, car ride, ferry ride, ride from ferry, pick up animals, then ride home. I marveled how she thrived.

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