Leaves of Grass and Accuracy, Part I of 3

Leaves of Grass and Accuracy, Part I of 3

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

This month’s column initiates a dialogue – one I discussed with many. I have permission for each quote from students and reporters. Successful professionals said, “And call it a New Year’s resolution! You need to do this.”

I deal with this conversation every day with test prep as a tutor and coach working with students and court reporters.

I softly share this topic is like a splinter. Sometimes it gets irritated.

I salute the students now preparing to enter our field and court reporters advancing our skills. And thus we move forward as keepers of the record.

Students continue to ask me (more often than one would like) if the best way to ‘get the test’ is “to read through your notes, then figure it out, and it ‘will’ come to you once you are out in the field, right? Besides, no one talks like that (speed) out there. You can read through errors on a five-minute test.”

Perhaps a speck of truth exists in that thought, but it certainly is not the whole story. One example: students (plural) who contact me in “200-225 rooms are working on 160-240 wpm (words per minute) with multiple speeds in one room.”

Students not able to accurately write – in multiple venues – are advised, “It will come to you. You can read your trash notes to pass that 5-minute test.”

I read on forums, “Failure rates for court reporting students are 90 percent; real-time theories have a lot to do with this. Get your speed up to pass and then graduate. Your accuracy will come to you once you’re out.”

Fact: The failure rate prior to implementation (creation) of real-time theories was posted at approximately 92 percent. (I had to sign a document stating I understood this. My parents received a copy with my signature from my college; they still comment upon this.)

If real-time theories have a relationship to stats now, how is it possible that we who wrote before “conflict-free” theories became the norm had a ‘percent’ near today’s existing number? And some say, “Real-time theories have a connection?” Many think not.

Successful real-time writers know we can not shortcut theory.

Is it possible that students who are self-described “brief junkies” – who, in an effort to get into higher speed classes brief words and phrases early in training – are pausing to think: “How do I write this? Is this word a brief from theory or one I made up?” Does this then create problems?

Creating briefs ‘on the fly’ as a professional will serve those individuals well. Yet that skill, if not refined with a strong foundation and accuracy, will have different results when used by students. It does.

Part II will be posted January 13, 2010.

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