Do The MATH. Registration Fees for NCRA and State Court Reporting Exams For Students and Reporters



Have you seen NCRA RPR, RDR written knowledge exam, WKT, registration fees?   NON-member: $220; member: $195; student member: $160.   State fees vary.  * Retesting = pricey!

98% 1st-time pass on NCRA’s, National Court Reporter Association, RPR, RDR, and on State CSRs with Purple Books Sets.

Purple-Up:  Become a 1st-time Purple Passer!    We’re WAITING FOR YOU!! *** Yes, YOU! ***

Invest in Yourself.

Thousands Have and are now Done-In-One with Purple Books Sets.

Why retest?      Why wait for periodic scheduling, delays to career/schooling?

Complete Set, 4 books, save $ 41.90.        Trio Set, 3 books, save $ 13.90.

Purple Books has the ONLY updated NCRA Registered Professional Reporter, RPR, and State Certified Shorthand Reporter, CSR, test-prep material.

Plus, Purple Books has the ONLY NCRA RDR, Registered Diplomate Reporter – our ELITE, best of the best court reporters in the U.S.A., Canada, and foreign countries.

Studying for CA’s CSR and NCRA’s RDR?  You want Complete Set:  text, workbook, companion guide, realtime vocabulary workbook.

Studying for NCRA’s RPR, State CSRs, and New York’s Civil Service Exams?    You have two options: Trio Set & Complete Set.    Both sets have actual guided instruction with updated material!

         ** Purple Books differ because we ‘teach’ details -how to answer -how to reference -how to cross-reference.

29 years and counting; our test-prep has been taught by instructors and studied independently by testing candidates because Purple Books covers all NCRA & State written knowledge test elements.

Complete Set, 4 books:

Trio Set, 3 books: https://crrbooks.comhttp://product/2-trio-test-prep-3-book-set-must-have-ncra-rpr-rdr-crc-state-wkt-purple-books


NCRA Registration is 9/1/19 – 9/30/19.   Testing is 10/8/19 – 10/22/19

We always share our full names and credentials, so you can trust us with your goals, your future.

Secret sauce to 98% first-time pass with Purple Sets?

Co-author earned B.S. in English, M. Ed., worked w ACT, SATs for decades.  Monette Benoit -court reporter, author, CART/captioner, teacher.

Together, ‘WE’ are reducing the CR shortage.  ** Together.

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