Thumb Wrestling and Smoken; Ask The Coach, Part I of III

Thumb Wrestling and Smoken; Ask The Coach, Part I of III
By Monette Benoit
All Rights Reserved.

Did you know there is a Thumb Wrestling Federation, TWF, and the United Kingdom has World Thumb Wrestling Championships? This is serious business for a sport originally called “thumb-a-war.”

The TWF has “Thumbs News” for thumb rivalries. “Thumb Warriors” details champions. Currently, the TWF has a fictional sports league on the Cartoon Network. As youngsters, and young-at-heart adults, say, “How cool is that!”

Thumb Wrestling Championships begin, “One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb-a-war!” To win, opponents must pin the other person’s thumb “as long as it takes to say ‘one, two, three, four, I win a thumb-o-war.’”

A referee determines the winner. Elbows must be on the table. Fingernails must be short. If a winner cannot be determined by the referee in two 60-second rounds, the contest “is settled with a game of sudden death ‘scissors, paper, stone.’”

How does this relate to court reporters, CART – Communication Access Realtime Translation – providers, broadcast captioners, and students?

Do you ever have days when your fingers have a mind of their own?

Do you have moments when your fingers may not adhere to our diligently honed muscle memory to accurately strike the keys?

Onsite and remote realtime – instant speech-to-text using the Internet and/or a telephone – is now the norm in our profession.

We routinely fingerspell, stitch words together, and stroke keys, creating words on-the-fly.

To further detail our specialized work, we now have a main dictionary and create “job” dictionaries specific to events and jobs. I have a “dog” dictionary from CARTing the International Working Dog conference. I also have a “milk” dictionary for individuals who test milk prior to it being shipped to market.

Realtiming – for instant translation – Roman numerals, ordinals, cardinal numbers, acronyms, homonyms, specific spelling alphabets, all punctuation, and additional unique formatting strokes are customized by the court reporter, captioner, CART provider, and the student.

You still with me? In short, this is all in a day’s work.

People outside our profession are amazed to learn that our basic equipment may easily run well over $10,000 for the steno writer, software, support, laptops, printers, cables, additional equipment, insurance, and specifics we need for a job. Many of us also have backup equipment. As some individuals say on this topic, “Don’t get me started…”

We also have become the “ears” for deaf, oral deaf, late-deafened, hard-of-hearing, and brain-injured individuals whom we call consumers.

The nuances for each type of hearing loss, age of loss, knowledge of sign language when appropriate, and working with sign interpreters when appropriate also enrich the wonderful path wherein we serve.

Years ago, I wrote “CART FAQ, Falling On Deaf Ears” a series of articles posted on my blog, Monette’s Musings, and online by NCRA, National Court Reporters Association.

I have CARTed college-level Latin for an oral deaf honors student. I did not know Latin. I stroked sounds, which tranned, translated, as Latin.

I spent many years CARTing church services to a large screen for a Catholic mass devoted to people who are Deaf. A sign interpreter was always present, and we worked side by side.

Additionally, I have CARTed funeral services, baptisms, retirement parties, large conventions, technical meetings, medical events, Quinceanera celebrations, the McGruff Dog, puppets, a mime (yes, a deaf mime), plays, musicals, clairvoyants, Girl Scout groups, Knights of Columbus, and multiple intimate settings.

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