Spurt-Ability, Part II of III

Spurt-Ability, Part II of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Part I began: While coaching a novice court reporter, the professional said, “I don’t like to take tests. That’s why I went to court reporting school.”

I said softly, “Now that’s a thing of beauty.” He sincerely replied, “It’s true.” I truly replied, “You will read about this. Trust me.”

How does that happen?

Part II: When I teach, I share this spurt-focus with students. Many, many students took to it like a hummingbird to a red feeder. They liked it (my tutoring and coaching students like it, too). Really.

When I began to realtime and CART to a large screen, I had to focus on the spurts, the spurt-ability. (Yes, I’m realtime self-taught, 1993. After graduation with an associate degree from S.U.N.Y. Alfred, I learned long and short vowels while working on the job with expert witnesses each morning. Truly. I do not recommend that opportunity or life experience to anyone. No tape backups. No one to help with your paper notes as you prepared carbons for your typewriter. That was then. This is now.)

When I initially CARTed, everyone (as sign interpreters vocalized loudly, verbatim to me) in the entire room would know instantly when I made an error. I cannot make this up (re: interpreters frequent comments in 1993).

As I tutor and coach, I share the spurt-ability on how to push past the few seconds that often develop about three-fourths of the way through the five-minute speed test.

Spurt-ability. Just lean in or focus the wrists forward to think in spurts.

Just write a spurt.

No need to wonder why you picked this field in the first place.

Our tenacious mental abilities do endow many of us with the ability to have five or more conversations “realtiming” in our head while we are realtiming new words to a computer screen for someone who may or may not be near your work product. Truly.

Spurts are small moments making a huge difference.

Spurts occur while writing and processing multiple words that are “popcorning.”

“Popcorn” is a term that Blake Stevens, RPR, in 1988, San Antonio, Texas, then a retired federal court reporter, and I used to say when we dictated rapid-fire Q&A to our students. (As a result of that term with Blake and working with the gifted Blake Stevens, I developed a line of Q&A popcorn dictation material.)

Spurts occur as we think how to accurately write (or build) the word in the backward steno process — then have the stroke successfully translate or not — then we accurately fix the error, in realtime; then we continue to out-process words, audible sounds.

This is our work.
This is our specialty.
This is our pride.

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