Yes, Real-Time Rules, Part II

Yes, Real-Time Rules, Part II

By Monette Benoit
Copyright by Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Continued from last week: When I was a speaker at a state court reporting association, I addressed this issue. I asked, “Are we embracing the ability to color our hair at home without expenses and blocked time at a beauty parlor?” (The audience roared, “Parlor? You haven’t been to one in a long time, have you? They’re salons now!”) I smiled and asked, “Are we embracing new cameras that capture instant pictures, avoiding a photo shop for printing?”

I watched as people thought about this possibility. I paused and asked softly, “Are others expecting us to change? Are they embracing and expecting more from us? If we have expectations from others, perhaps others seek new possibilities from us?”

Conversations that ensued that weekend revealed, to me, that many did have a ‘shift’ moment – wherein they tilted their thoughts toward the scary (their word), the unknown. Court reporters and students continue to write me about that moment when I respectfully stepped out onto the branch.

This is what we do each day. We step out and reach up. Realtime rules. When youngsters, another new breed, text message with one finger without looking at their gadget (my word) in a pocket, with one finger, ‘we’ are in a different place. Realtime rules.

Court reporters and students who prepare for this reality will exceed those who are “working on it” or “waiting for [fill in blank].”

I strongly believe this: Realtime rules when we have no resistance to this reality.

Our current national, state and international economic events have professionals in many occupations who are questioning what they can do to secure their work, their specialty, and job.

Specifically, I am listening to professionals share that they are scared. I develop custom plans to (re)move fear and progress for(ward to) a new goal.

Realtime rules for court reporters. Yes, I believe (my opinion) alternative technologies will continue to move near our occupation. Have we (not) expanded out to share our skills? We have, and this is a fact.

I often comment, “Anywhere sounds are spoken or muttered, we preserve and record language for history. This is where we excel. Always have. Always will.”

Realtime rules in any situation where we maintain our high accuracy, high skill set, and instant translation rates.

One young professional howled with laughter when I shared my “Realtime Rules” and responded, “Rules? Realtime Rocks! Thank you for sharing. Now I can put that on my dashboard and computer monitor! And I will!”

Next I will share details to personally prepare you for another essential toward this commitment.

Each person I work with shares their wisdom.

The student becomes the teacher; the teacher always learns from the student. This mantra is a firm belief, (my opinion) that I hear every day in my world.

What are your dreams, your goals?

What are (we have multiple from which to choose) your career options? What is your motivation? What is your passion?

Yes, realtime rules for me and for you.

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