Our Words Are Our O.R., Part I of III

Our Words Are Our O.R., Part I of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Three times I saw complete changes when I was doing what it is ‘we’ do best – proofing verbatim work and listening.

I was called out on it – twice by doctors, once by a D.O.N. She instructed me, “D.O.N. means “Director of Nursing.”

(Listening, I thought, “Yes, I know.”)

Yet I saw complete, lasting changes. I have written about ill parents in my National Court Reporters Association, Journal of Court Reporting, JCR, column, and on my blog, Monette’s Musings.

My father was hospitalized March to August. As I wrote this, he was in a small room with a feeding tube. He was unable to drink, to swallow, sit up, and roll over on his own. His head was on the metal bed rail with a towel against his forehead, so he did not hurt himself. Yet he wanted to live and would not permit hospice to enter.

Through this winding path, I traveled multiple venues as a daughter, as a court reporter, CART provider, captioner, author, teacher, and as a stunned witness. The roles frequently changed as I worked to sort the endless drama and expanded cast of characters.

The first event I am documenting here: As usual, I was seated on an O.R. stool in a spot for the size of hamsters (I am tall).

My knees were drawn up, within yet another freezing room, waiting for yet another doctor to give me Dad’s O.R. update.

My head was down; I was proofing an article; I was rubbing my arms to circulate blood.

As I froze, San Antonio and surrounding areas were 103 degrees. (On breaks, I went to my hot car wearing a sweater, windows rolled up, to warm my body.)

When the surgeon came into my area, I had just found a typo. I heard his step. Quickly, I marked my spot on the line. When I looked back up, I saw his flat-lined face; I heard his sigh.

Startled, I softly said, “That was really important (pointing to my paperwork). Any news?”

He looked away and waited. I felt the shift immediately. When the good man finished, he commented about my working “all the time on court reporting paperwork.” (I had not commented on my work or court reporting.)

I softly said, “Words are our O.R. – our operating room.” He sighed, turned sharply, and abruptly left.

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