Lose Him? Lose It? Part 3

Mindful management is a term I share when I’m coaching professionals and students. I desire to share mindful management moments with you.

Monette’s Mindful Management: Lose Him? Lose It? Part 3

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

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That “Lose Him!” candle (discussed in Part 1 and 2) sparked conversations and discussion. How does this relate to mindful management? Messages come in all shapes and sizes.

Now we target “Lose It!” within our world. The focus is in the decision to act. You make the decision moment by moment with mindful management – at work, at the gym, while shopping and preparing for a great night’s sleep. You focus.

You selectively lose actions, items, experiences — yes, people — and your life will change. You will notice a difference.

Part 3: Once when I was moving (not a ‘throw move’ within a zip code, but a complete pack-ker-roo) I became overwhelmed with abundant tasks and responsibilities required in a short period of time.

I was packing a household to be placed (thrown) into a truck. My parents motored into the city to check on my processing (they would use the word “progress”) or lack thereof.

My father had a bottle of wine and garbage bags. He opened the wine, unwrapped three bags. I remained seated, sighing – a lot.

This guidance counselor, teacher, medic, social worker, psychologist (psych counselor with the Veterans Administration) said, “You only have three decisions. Yes. No. I don’t know. If you don’t know the answer, then the item goes into this I-don’t-know bag. No thinking. None. Yes. No. I don’t know.”

This action – once brought into a focus that was darn close to zero stress for me – became very doable. We zipped through the process(ing).

I was amazed at what I was willing ‘to lose’ based upon a possibility with three simple choices.

I incorporated that day’s life lesson into many aspects (buckets full) within my world.

When I learned a friend still had boxed items of a sibling who had died years ago I was stunned and amazed. (When my brother died, the day his few possessions arrived I opened everything. I had to process. I sat on the floor – felt my world shift. And that was good – to move forward.)

My friend, a nurse, had never opened her sister’s boxes saying, “It’s too painful.”

When I mentioned going through the boxes, she developed a headache. In real-time, I watched her become physically ill. The mere thought ‘froze’ her.

I placed three boxes on the floor. I held up each item asking, “Yes? No? Later?” She nodded or shook her head.

Soon we had moved through her sister’s ‘never-opened’ items. I saw her lose the tight grip the boxes (and inaction) had upon her.

“Lose It!” focus does not need to involve moving or dealing with items from a loved one.

The focus may be simplified to preparing for a job, departure time on a snowy or rainy highway, planning your time to produce a job, and selecting food (standing or sitting?).

What do you want to lose? Time-wasters? Items? Tasks achieving the same results?

Identify three items you want to lose (okay, make it one, if three is too high). Identify three redundant actions.

What do you need to lose to improve your world?

Would the results be worth the loss?

Then get a plan, a garbage bag, or new mental approach. Invest in yourself and “Losing It!” You will see forward motion.

What are you willing to lose based upon a possibility with simple choices?

Is this a timely message for Valentine’s Day? Many people contacted me to say, “Yes, and I want to lose …”

This is your opportunity to unblock, unpack and to undo routine patterns. Here is your opportunity to effectively implement a new task and a new action with mindful management.

When you decide on “Lose It!”, then I want you to note what you create (what arrives) that would not have had an opportunity if “Lose It!” had not become a focused action.

New moments arrive. New results occur. They do.

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