What ‘They’ Really Want … Part III of III

What ‘They’ Really Want … Part III of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Part I began: What do ‘they’ really want when CART and captioning services are requested? After listening to recent requests I swear I could do stand-up comedy for SNL, Saturday Night Live.

More and more, I pause long and hard before I begin to suggest words to help the person asking for services.

And now and then, I am stunned into silence.

Back in July 1999, I wrote “CART’s Believe It Or Not: Questions Asked By Hearing People” for my column, posted at www.CRRbooks.com and www.monettebenoit.com.

Part II began: Last week I received a call to CART/caption a large arena.

The dude asked me to “describe what it is you bring – to include printers and walkie-talkies. We need to know it all. We don’t have an outline, and we’re taking bids. Just send us yours, okay? Then we’ll get other bids and get back to you.”

He then informed me that whatever fee I charged, “after teaching us what it is you do, we need to build a fee on top of your fee for my boss.”

And the nature of the work request?

Technical, technical, way-high technical.

Oh, I cautioned him about going into this event with the lowest bidder.

Part III: How was that resolved?

The man was fired – walked to the door by security – two hours later (cause unrelated, I was later informed).

Then I received a call from the man who replaced the (first) man, and he (second man – really ‘new’ in his field by his words) asked me to bring him “up to speed on this thing.” Oh, yes, he did.

The first man then spoke to me, late morning, drinking his “first beer” post-firing, and cautioned me. Oh, yes, he did.

Then my office received a call.

The individual stated that he “is desperate.”

I prioritized my work, returned his call.

He said – I swear this is true – “We have people who are physically disabled. We don’t know what’s wrong with ‘em, but we need you to help them.”

I asked how I might help (using his word).

He said, “I don’t know. What do you do? I was told to call you. They have physical problems – lots of them.”

Ah. Clear as mud.

Today we finished details to CART a convention.

The woman in charge (with whom I have worked before) said, “There are two hotels in the city with the same name. Will you need the correct address, so you can ‘really’ be there?”

I replied, “Yes, ma’am,” sans rolling eyes.

As I finished this article, a company phoned about CART/captioning. I asked for details.

The man said (get this): “Well, the way I figure it to do the kind of work you do you must be psychic. You do have a crystal ball, right? I’m sure you really know what we really need, don’t you?”

What do ‘they’ really want?

Some days I wonder if it’s a Ouija board (my first year of reporting there was one in the office – only for fun) or if it’s a court reporter on their toes, fingertips blazing new trails, inspired to invent new territories.

Oh, right, that ‘is’ what we really do each day, each event. Hmm.

And there you really have it.

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Part I of III is posted September 3, 2010, on Monette’s Musings at www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com

Part II of III is posted September 13, 2010, on Monette’s Musings at www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com

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