What ‘They’ Really Want … Part I of III

What ‘They’ Really Want … Part I of III
By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

What do ‘they’ really want when CART and captioning services are requested? After listening to recent requests I swear I could do stand-up comedy for SNL, Saturday Night Live.

More and more, I pause long and hard before I begin to suggest words to help the person asking for services.

And now and then, I am stunned into silence.

Back in July 1999, I wrote “CART’s Believe It Or Not: Questions Asked By Hearing People” for my column, posted at www.CRRbooks.com and www.monettebenoit.com.

I continue to receive wonderful feedback from Deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers who rely on our services, as well as from CART providers, captioners, and students seeking to enter the path.

The conversations I detailed in that article were events prompted by hearing individuals – not needing services – adding opinions or questions (sometimes tart).

Multiple conversations resulted in the consumer(s) – person(s) receiving services – apologizing to me.

Each time I worked to remain in court reporter role.

You know the blank look, professional posture; perhaps a hard blink to process words directed to me.

I now keep a little list. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m being punked or if this is, “Okay, everyone, gather around; we’re headed back to square one!”

When requests begin with “I know you charge lots of money,” I know we’re headed into an area I like to deliberately avoid.

Many CART and captioning requests, with similar wording, arrive from student services in educational settings and may arrive from individuals who only schedule sign interpreting.

A recent conversation (I cannot make this up) to All American Realtime/Captioning Services, www.ARTCS.com, began with the words: “We need remote work – it can be with you for CART or we can use a cheaper service. That’s good enough!” I remember gasping.

I cautiously, softly, began asking questions to see if the request actually was for services that would benefit the consumer. Yes.

The individual did not sign. CART is what the student requested. Hmm.

Then the ‘specialist’ (she used her title often) said – I wrote it down – “Look, I know you are expensive. CART is wonderful but expensive. We don’t need it all – every word. And that would be good enough for the student.” I blinked hard.

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Part II of III is posted September 13, 2010, on Monette’s Musings at www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com

Part III of III is posted September 27, 2010, on Monette’s Musings at www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com

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