Monette’s Mindful Management: Lose Him? Part 2

Mindful management is a term I share when I’m coaching, tutoring and assisting professionals and students with test prep. I desire to share mindful management moments with you.

Monette’s Mindful Management: Lose Him? Part 2

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

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That “Lose Him!” candle (discussed in Part I) truly sparked discussion.

Who would buy such a candle? How does one earn a candle from a friend — or foe?

Would such a candle simply be left in a “handy” location or carefully placed next to a coffee cup to avoid embarrassing the gifter gifting the giftee?

How does this relate to mindful management?

Messages come in all shapes and sizes.

Now we target this message and “Lose It!” within our professional and personal world.

We have resolutions (and deals) we made with others and with ourselves, right?

We’re not out of the month of January, yet individuals roll their eyes, laugh or sigh when someone asks how those New Year’s 2010 resolutions are surviving.

I desire to ask: What would you lose?

To narrow the field, we should hone “what would we lose?” to what we are paid to lose (work related), and what we desire to lose at home (paper, files, clutter, old technology items, etc.) And let’s put diets in this discussion as many people want to lose pounds, right?

When you have the list created for what it is you want to lose, then focus that quest to location – your office, home, garage, desk, refrigerator, closets, your waist, etc.

The real deal in “Lose It!” and what is it we really want to lose is, in my opinion, in the consistency of how we integrate this action into our world.

When people ask what I would like to lose, I softly reply that I want to lose people (only as an example) who say, “I don’t have time to take seminars or finish (fill in the blank) — I’ll take less money to learn – while working. Then I can charge more.” (I always blink.)

Recently, I was asked to take $2.00 less per hour to have the opportunity to provide professional work. No joke.

It’s not that hard to act on the “Lose It!” commitment once your focus is there.

Make a decision, give the decision a little leeway, then consistently act on your goal regarding that decision.

As an example, people I work with while coaching, tutoring and test prep tell me they want to lose time wasters, working on repetitive tasks without improving job and/or personal skills, the ability to — (okay, take a deep breath) — accept work at a fee where one truly believes they should be compensated – vs. – taking the lowest dollar number to “get” that job.

We identify first, then we isolate to lose the action, mindset, thought, activity second.

Once you look at the “lose it” list with a different view, you start to focus your day and also while cruising the grocery store with your half-empty grocery cart.

The focus is in the decision to act.

You make the decision moment by moment with mindful management – at work, at the gym, while shopping and preparing for a great night’s sleep. You focus.

You selectively lose actions, items, experiences — yes, people — and your life will change.
You will quickly notice a difference.

“Lose Him?, Part 3” will be published – when? On Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Now you choose. Mindful management: What do you need? What do you want to lose? Contributing Editor, Monette Benoit, B.B.A., CCR, CRI, CPE, may be reached at and for customized coaching and test prep.

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