Monette’s Mindful Management: Lose Him? Part I

Mindful management is a term I share when I’m coaching, tutoring and assisting professionals and students with test prep. I desire to share mindful management moments with you.

Monette’s Mindful Management: Lose Him? Part I

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Carting (carrying) a list of tasks to accomplish, I added one stop to my list.

The store always has sales; it is the season to give.

I rationalized this thought pulling into the busy parking lot and found a spot near the door. A sign? Yes, I rationalized that, too.

Inside the store, people were bumping into each other, many ‘mindlessly’ (truly) walking aisles, bumping carts (baskets) into other customers.

I scooted around people in all shapes and sizes and scurried like a bunny.

I needed to return to the office for tutoring and coaching. I was on schedule with few minutes to spare. I focused on the clock and my mission.

Then I saw it. On a shelf, eye level, was the item that just made my day!

It was an elongated heart-shaped item. The background was beige.

Printed in large capital letters: Lose Him!

I paused and saw the wick. A candle that said “Lose Him!” in large black letters? In the Christmas clearance section? I roared with laughter.

Then I wondered, “Did I know anyone who ‘needed’ this candle?”

That thought, during the Christmas season, was comical to me. And the price? Multiple red stickers were placed on the candle. It was reduced to $1.99; yet alone it sat on the shelf.

My court reporter focus here on a work day began to wonder, “Why was there only one “Lose Him!” candle? Was there a “Lose Her!” candle? Why was it on clearance and still here at $1.99?”

When the first shopper walked past, I showed it to her and said, “Look at this.”

She paused, then roared with laughter. She said, “I don’t know anyone who needs that. Do you?”

Another shopper approached, cautiously using a walker for assistance, and this woman showed the item to the elderly woman. Yes, she paused, threw her head back and howled with laughter.

The elderly woman said, “I don’t know anyone who needs that now. Do you?”

As people approached, each ‘new’ person showed the next (virgin) customer this “Lose Him!” candle. Every single person had the same pause, head tilt, then sudden laughter.

I watched (court reporter focus, perhaps). I could not stop laughing.

Reluctantly I returned the candle to the shelf – multiple customers were now flocked in a group, chatting with one another. No one was bothered that the entire aisle was blocked. The laughter was infectious, and a man with a British accent (“visiting your country” – a few shoppers understood this to be “Texas”) approached. Yes, customers showed him, too.

My opinion is the ‘right’ person will find that candle.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when “Lose Him!” is gifted this Christmas season, as I believe it will be. $1.99 for a special message like that? Yes, it will be a gift.

How does this relate to mindful management? Messages come in all shapes and sizes.

Part II will target this message and Lose Him! within our professional world.

As we approach Christmas and 2010, I seek to share the wonder of the season and the gift of laughter – especially when it unfolds in real-time within a holiday-filled gifting mission.

Part II will be posted January 2010. Part III will be posted Valentine’s Day.

Now you choose. Mindful management: If I may help you, I want to do so. What do you need?

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