Monette’s Mindful Management: Wants, Needs And Pajamas, Part II of III

“Monette’s Mindful Management: Wants, Needs And Pajamas, Part II of III”
November 2009

By Monette Benoit
Copyright by Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Mindful management is a term I share when I’m coaching, tutoring and assisting professionals and students with test prep. I desire to share mindful management moments with you.

Part I is linked November 5th:

Part II:

I began the Sunday phone conversation, “Hey, it’s Part II of the Back-to-School Special and this Event is for Wants.”

When the nephews arrived shortly thereafter, I asked each, “What is it that you want?” They sat silent, head down.

I softly asked if I could share an experience from my childhood. The boys nodded.

I shared: “Each Christmas my family drove 33 miles to my granny’s apartment. We then walked up four flights of stairs. My three brothers received, every year, what they needed – pajamas.”

“My brothers learned (instructed and often reminded each year by my parents) not to roll their eyes, not to toss the package backward – and were reminded how they should behave upon receipt of the very gift they absolutely did not want on Christmas.

Me? I received one gold pendant for my charm bracelet. Typically, my brothers did not speak to me during ‘gifting’ while they narrowed their eyes at their pajamas and my small box.”

The mindful experience I shared with my nephews that Sunday was:

“The pajamas were what each brother wanted, and needed, the day after Christmas. But never on Christmas. Since budgets were tight, my parents asked Granny for the one thing they (parents) needed for their sons each year.”

The boys listened intently.

I softly shared, “What you want and what you need will often be two things. Pajamas on Christmas morning is a need. What was wanted by boys – my brothers – on Christmas morning were trucks, sporting equipment or a gift coupon for a store. Cash would have been better – perhaps every child’s wish who ‘needs’ money.”

“Yesterday was a need. You received pajamas on Christmas. Now, let’s figure out what you want. What do you really want for that first day of school?”

They eagerly shared details.

One nephew really wanted T-shirts (all striped), jeans, and shorts (all checkered).

One nephew really wanted football cleats, T-shirts (not striped) and over-sized jeans (not checkered).

They beamed while describing their ‘wants’.

Off they went to the store with their mother. …

Part III will be posted November 30, 2009. Contributing Editor, Monette Benoit, B.B.A., CRI, CPE, may be reached at and for private coaching.

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