“Monette’s Mindful Management: Wants, Needs & Pajamas, Part III

“Monette’s Mindful Management: Wants, Needs And Pajamas, Part III of III”

By Monette Benoit

Copyright by Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Mindful management is a term I share when I’m coaching, tutoring and assisting professionals and students with test prep. I desire to share mindful management moments with you.

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Mindful Management Part III: I softly said, “Yesterday was a need. You received pajamas on Christmas. Now, let’s figure out what you want. What do you really want for that first day of school?”

They eagerly shared details. One nephew really wanted T-shirts (all striped), jeans, and shorts (all checkered). One nephew really wanted football cleats, T-shirts (not striped) and jeans (not checkered). They beamed while describing their ‘wants’.

Off they went to the store with their mother. I chose to sit this one out knowing they spend little time together on activities like this. Soon, the phone rang with the boys phoning to give me updates. (They have never phoned with updates.)

“We didn’t find what we want, so we went to another store.”

Later I listened to, “The other store had what we want! And everything was on sale, too!”

Then, “We found what we really, really want and have money left over to get a fudge brownie. We have to get water; the drinks are too expensive. And the brownies are huge! This is great! Thanks!”

Several hours later, the doorbell rang (a surprise). I opened the door; one nephew held all his possessions up next to his face. The other nephew raced in and threw his new stuff on the floor to “let me show you now!!!!!” I beamed with pride.

As they held up their new items, each said, “This is really what I want.”

Leaving, they walked taller.

As each departed, they hugged me, I whispered, “Wants, needs and pajamas, right?”

They whispered private messages, which were my mindful moments.

Why am I writing about this?

I purchased three-ring notebooks, book covers, highlighters and items they ‘needed’ and items that the school said they ‘needed’. I also slipped each cash in case they saw something ‘essential’ … One nephew puts all money into a bank for car insurance; another nephew buys soft drinks and food for his friends who “have noooooo money, at all.”

A few days later when my phone headset broke (mid-morning on a work day), I raced to an office supply store. I was booked with coaching and court reporting all day; this headset was a ‘need’. I viewed the huge ‘SALE’ signs in the office supply store windows.

I phoned the nephews and asked one simple question, “Is there anything you need or want?”

The longest pause occurred, and I knew we were onto a new mindful moment.

When I prodded, my nephew whispered, “I don’t need anything, but I really want new pencils. And new erasers would be great. That’s all. The pencils and erasers are wants. It’s okay if I don’t get them. We can use the ones from last year. It’s not like they’re pajamas.” And he laughed.

Do you think I purchased new pencils? Yes. I gifted the items with a note, “Not Pajamas!” attached to packages of new pencils and new erasers.

Their mindful moments occurred several months ago.

As we now motor through the school year toward Thanksgiving, I hear my nephews saying, “Is ‘that’ a want or a need? You know – it’s not pajamas!”

How does this relate to our professional, technical world?

I am sitting here, Sunday evening, writing mindful management, which I want to share with each of you who may need to view the world from a different lens.

We have the ability to view each moment with a telescope or to expand our thinking.

Often it is the clarity to remember this ‘want’ or ‘need’ detail as we begin our day with tasks that are important to us – or are truly important to others, and we then accept that boundary.

Ask yourself often throughout your day and evening, “Is this a want or a need?”

When you have that detail, the goals, assignments and the never-ending lists of tasking that seem to appear in real-time will become more focused.

Remember this mindful management moment message.

Then, as the holidays approach, when you answer the phone, open your e-mails, greet friends, family and strangers, you will find that your actions and your expectations will flow with greater ease. They will.

Now you choose. Mindful management: And if I may help you, I want to do so. What do you need?

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