See One; Show One; Teach One; Good-Bye, Dad, Part IV

See One; Show One; Teach One; Good-Bye, Dad, Part IV
By Monette Benoit
All Rights Reserved.

Part III began: Then, while I visited each parent and sat in their hospital bed – each parent in two separate locations – I listened to their plans, their hopes, and their regrets.

Dad, Emmett, had conversational Latin tutorials and ancient Roman Empire CDs on the window sill “to stay busy. I have to keep my mind busy!”

Few people knew my father Emmett J. Donnelly, M. Ed, guidance counselor, social worker, psychologist, educator, et al, was my co-author with Court Reporter Reference Books, the “Purple Books” preparing students and court reporters for state and national written court reporting academic boards, (Our profession knows this as the WKT, Written Knowledge Test, for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSR exams.)

Emmett insisted that he wanted to be accepted on his credentials and did “not want to be known as Monette’s father.” I focused on not rolling my eyes whenever Emmett said this.

Within hospitals and well over 40 hyperbaric treatments (he fell, broke his hip; all treatments had to be restarted), we planned new books, new projects. Really.

Emmett was frequently my guest speaker when I taught, and he helped me teach a few courses as Mr. Emmett. That was the only condition, stipulation, he had – that he not be identified as my father — then, lunch with a glass of wine and a trip to the bookstore, our ‘thing’ for decades.

No one knew Mr. Emmett was my father until I out-ed myself.

One day, a student won a lottery at the AlamoDome to purchase Linda and Paul McCartney tickets. She asked if I wanted tickets.

Instantly, I yelped, “Dad, give me that fifty under your driver’s license!”

Part IV of IV

As the feeding pump and IV machines pumped, softly, Emmett asked about contracting in our profession – and that was when I knew this man just might make it.

Emmett was spot-on with focused questions.

He really wanted to walk down the hall as he lay there under 100 pounds, before he went blind.

“Tomorrow I’ll be better! I will! Then, I’ll walk down the hall. And I want to get out of this damn room! I have places to go, things to do. Busy, busy, busy; that’s me! And I want to see your mother! It’s been a while. I call her every day at 5:30, no matter where we are, as that’s the time ‘we’ eat dinner!”

Emmett was focused on court reporting and spoke of court reporting and captioning before hospital admissions so well that many people thought he was a court reporter. Really.

Emmett spoke about reporting in hospitals telling nurses “You have a degree; you have to get out of nursing before you get hurt. I’m a guidance counselor. I know the stats. Have you looked into court reporting and captioning?”

Everyone thought he was great. I watched as Dad beamed helping others.

People thrived with Emmett as he enjoyed uniquely helping each person.

We watched captioning on TVs.

Emmett spoke about the CATapult series, 420 categories and half a million words, we created and compiled for broadcast captioners, freelance and judicial court reporters.

Since we worked 20+ years together, now and then he would disagree with me saying, “I don’t normally do this. I have a masters in education, and this is important!”

I would reply, “Me court reporter. You not.”

And I know the educator, Dad, who did not initially think ‘I’ would make it through the NCRA-approved reporting student program was so proud of this profession.

Emmett J. Donnelly died September 23, 2011, and is buried within Ft Sam Houston.

Emmett knew the cities of NCRA future conventions; he knew the hopes and dreams of many.

I thank my court reporting and CART captioning profession for the grand ride I had with my father on this court reporting, teacher, author, and publishing path.

As I wrote this February 2012 issue for my column, my mother was still experiencing serious health issues.

Late in the afternoon, Mom phoned to say that she had heart palpitations.

I arrived thinking I would follow yet another ambulance.

Waiting for yet another ambulance and on ‘the’ decision to go or not to go, Mom sat pensive, quiet.

Then, Mom looked up, “You two really had a friendship. You two often laughed talking about your work and your goals in court reporting. I enjoyed listening to you two. I’m so glad you two had that.”

Silent a long while, I nodded and softly replied, “Me too, Mom. Me too.”

“See one; show one; teach one,” good-bye, Dad.

Thank you. Happy Father’s Day.

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