A Number Of Firsts In Science Education With Karen Sadler, Ph.D., Part II of III

A Number Of Firsts In Science Education With Karen Sadler, Ph.D.,

Part II of III, 3/23/10

By Monette Benoit, All Rights Reserved.

Part I was posted on Monette’s Musings: www.monettebenoit.com 3/17/10.

Part III was posted on www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com 3/31/10.


Karen Sadler “was born in Salt Lake City severely hard of hearing, in 1956. But my parents did not ‘discover’ it until I was 3 years old, when my mom noticed I was not turning around when she rang a bell behind me.

So that started all the testing and speech therapy, and what not that all HOH, hard of hearing, and Deaf children go through.

I am legally deaf. I have no hearing in my right ear, and have an over 90-110 db (decibel) loss in my left ear, in most tones, but especially tones that encompass the human voice.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California where I went to a public school because there were no schools for the Deaf close enough that my mother felt comfortable sending me to.

I had a great family, with two sisters. They were all musical, so I grew up with the piano constantly playing. I learned to understand music and play several instruments myself.

The schools were never comfortable having a deaf student in their classes, so I was constantly pulled out of class to take IQ tests.

They thought they could test me out of the system and put me into a school for the mentally retarded. This happened for three years, until I finally said something to my parents who put a stop to all this. My parents eventually received an apology from the district on this.

I received my first hearing aid at 13. It was amazing what I had missed. It was the first time I heard a bird, and I remember my mom crying when I said something about the bird making noise.

I graduated with good grades and attended Brigham Young University. There I ran into problems prevalent at all universities: They wouldn’t let me major in what I wanted, and kept shuttling me around. After four years, I gave up.”

Karen’s sharing, Part III, is posted on www.monettebenoit.com and www.CRRbooks.com 3/31/10.

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